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Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world's largest industrial groups. The Group supports its customer's production cycles throughout the value chain. Fives drives the limits of industrial engineering, ensuring continuous reliability for customers and the markets it serves.

Mills refurbishment on site

and tear and corrosion begin to affect the mill tandem. Fives Cail has developed an on-site refurbishment process which restores the performance and reliability of the mills, whether self-setting or conventional, by returning them to an "as new" condition. With more than 20 self-setting mill refurbishments since 2000,

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Fives Cail has a range of leading edge technology equipment items including Whole-Stick Horizontal Drum Fed Shredders, 2 Roller MillMax™ Mills, Falling Film Evaporators, Continuous Vacuum Pans, Continuous Crystallisers and Massecuite Reheaters, Batch and Continuous Centrifugals and Sugar

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As an industrial engineering Group with a heritage of over 200 years, Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world's largest industrial players in various sectors such as steel, aerospace and special machining, aluminium, the automotive and manufacturing industries, cement, energy, logistics and glass.


M/s, Mankapur Chini Mills Limited (MCML) Balrampur group, Uttar Pradesh 45 400 45 Under Execution 7 M/s, Balrampur Chini Mills Limited ... Fives Cail- KCP Limted No.2, Ramakrishna Buildings, Dr. PV Cherian Crescent Road Egmore, Chennai ± 600 008. INDIA . Created Date: 2/24/2016 8:28:53 AM ...

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Fives Cail-KCP Limited "Ramakrishna Buildings", No.2, Dr. P.V. Cherian Crescent, Egrnore, Chennai - ... Capital costs (mill 4-roller mill IOO Saving with [email protected] (0/0) 10 20 -20 [email protected] 90 80 80 + drive + civil costs) Maintenance IOO per gear Energy consumption 100

Sugar cane mill - Fives-cail, Babcock

1. A sugar cane mill comprising the combination of. 2. two lower cylinders, each lower cylinder being mounted on a respective one of the support beds, 3. two cover members, each cover member being pivotally mounted on a respective one of the support beds, 5. an upper cylinder having an axis and carried by the two bearings, and.

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Fives Cail ZUKA® series of Batch centrifugal machine make the centrifugal separation of a high-grade massecuite possible. This latest generation of batch centrifugals is designed by Fives Cail, a batch Centrifugal Machine that incorporates cutting-edge technology with resultant outstanding machine performance. Up to 30 Cycle/hour

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babcock 8.5 e9 ball mill service india … babcock wilcox coal combustion chamber; babcock & wilcox horizontal high speed pulverizers; crushing fives cail babcock ouenza; tas coal mill pulverizer – beltconveyers.netThe ball mill is traditionally the basic technology in a cement plant and is a very reliable machine.

Fives Cail Two Roller Mill – Millmax® – kcp fives

Fives Cail Two Roller Mill - Millmax®️. The juice reabsorption at the Fives Cail MillMax outlet is limited thanks to its patented system, CAP®️. Reabsorption limiting device. Low energy consumption. MillMax® is ideal for cogeneration as it has only 2 …

Le MillMax et la CEFT, 2 équipements éco-innovants …

Le MillMax® et la CEFT, 2 équipements éco-innovants au service d'une économie verte 1 Le MillMax® et la CEFT, 2 équipements éco-innovants au service d'une économie verte A. Mesmacque, L. Cegel, X. Lamblin Fives Cail, 22, rue du Carrousel, BP 10374, 59669 Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex, Tel : +33(0)3 20 88 96 00, Fax : +

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FCB Inclined Head stock Mill FCB Self Setting Mill Fletcher Vertical Head stock Mill Fives Cail Two Roller Millmax® Conventional Heavy Duty Mill Fives Cail-KCP Heavy Duty Fibrizer. Purification Short Retention Time Clarifier. Evaporation Roberts and Kestner Evaporator Falling Film Evaporator. Crystallization Continuous Vacuum Pan – Vertical ...

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Flexible Cail & Fletcher conventional heavy duty mill is available as a conventional three-roller or four-roller type. For specialist applications it can be supplied as pressure fed five-roller or close coupled six-roller versions. Conventional mills may be used in a milling tandem or as a dewatering mill with a cane diffuser.

Falling-film evaporator performance results from two ...

Fives Cail finalized a reliable falling-film design for cane juice and two units were installed in Reunion Island in 2007, providing ex-cellent performance. 2 Cane sugar falling-film evaporator developments By the end of 2003, more than 55,000 m2 of heating surface area was installed in Brazil by Fives Cail: comprising 23 evaporator

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With more than 200 years of experience in the sugar industry, Fives is recognized as a leading global provider of sugar and bioenergy process lines and equipment. Our high-performance solutions include the fully automated, flexible and energy-efficient Cail and Fletcher product lines, which cover every step of beet and sugar cane processing.

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The mill produces optimum-quality, high-resistance cement with a lower Blaine, and enables an exceptionally high cement/clinker ratio. The FCB Horomill® helps cement producers reach sustainability goals through: The lowest energy consumption on the market (30-65% energy savings compared to ball mills, and 10-20% compared to vertical roller mills)

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Fives conçoit et réalise des machines, des équipements, des procédés et des lignes de production pour les plus grands acteurs industriels mondiaux. Le Groupe accompagne ses clients à chaque étape de leur cycle de production partout dans le monde, tout au long de leur chaîne de valeur.

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Cail & Fletcher MillMax® extracts cane juice and ensures a low moisture of the bagasse before its combustion into the boiler. It can be installed as a direct mill replacement or as a complete milling tandem. Low energy consumption Provided with only 2 pressure rollers, and no trash plate, Cail & Fletcher MillMax® is ideal for cogeneration.

Fives Cail-KCP Massecuite Reheater

The Fives Cail-KCP massecuite reheater is a simple and efficient device that helps in the conditioning of low-grade massecuite before centrifugation. The viscosity of the massecuite is reduced in order for the centrifugation process to be optimized. Thus, the centrifugal's throughput is also increased.

Nanglamal Sugar Complex, (A Unit of Mawana Sugars Ltd ...

plant make : kcp, fives cail,thermax, shin,thermo, tlpt Cogen Capacity : 20 MW. Milling Plants : Leveller, 2 Cutter, Fibrizor, 1st Mill 40" x 80"- 3 Roller with UFR, 1st & last Mill 33" x 66" with GRPF, 2nd mill ISGEC 33" x 66" with TUFR, 3rd Mill 33" x 66" with UFR

Fives Cail Heavy Duty conventional Mill -

Fives Cail KCP Mill is an ideal juice extraction device with enhanced throughput and improved bagasse moisture levels and extraction efficiency. Can be offered as a complete milling tandem and as a dewatering mill with diffuser. The robust design Mill is offered in 2 designs. ⦁ Inclined head stock Mill. ⦁ Vertical head stock Mill.

Cail & Fletcher MillMax®

Fives Cail (Headquarters) 22, rue du Carrousel – Parc de la Cimaise – B.P. 10374 – 59669 Villeneuve-d'Ascq Cedex – FRANCE Tel.: +33 (0)3 20 88 96 00 – Fax: +33 (0)3 20 88 96 03 Email: [email protected] – Website: Costs comparison 4-roller mill MillMax® Saving with MillMax® (%) Capital costs (mill

Fives Cail-KCP Multitube Dryer-Cooler

The Fives Cail-KCP multitube dryer cooler has been trusted by more than 100 customers for over 50 years. It has proven to be efficient in drying all types of sugars, be it refined, raw, plantation, white, etc. The Fives Cail-KCP multitube dryer cooler dries and cools the sugar before it passes on to the final installation.