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Page 1 of 2 - Ball Mill vs Coffee Grinder - posted in Pyrotechnics: instead of ball milling, can I just use a number of different coffee grinders to separately grind each chemical to a very fine dust, before I mix them by either the diaper method or mesh screens. Those little blade coffee grinders work really well for Potasium Nitrate and Sulfur.

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Posted June 16, 2010. After going thru several electric coffee grinders, I bought an old fashioned hand grain grinder for 600thb at Makro and it's dual purpose in that i can grind grains as well as coffee. The grind can be adjusted easily to whatever texture you desire and not affected by power outtages.

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Sub-Forums: Documentation - Entry Level (3/3) Brewing Equipment - Midrange ($500-$1500) Midrange ($500-$1500) machines will produce a better coffee and generally a lot more usable steam making milk texturing far easier. Matched with a good grinder your coffee will be great. Topics: 4,751 Posts: 63,063.

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The entry level for a single dose grinder that is great for Espresso is the Niche at about £550. This has seriously disrupted a market where the …

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Answer 1 of 9: Anyone know where I can buy a coffee grinder in town. We forgot to pack one and have 4 pounds of unground beans!

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Home › Coffee Making and Equipment › Grinders. After the old forum software breaking in a way that we were unable to fix, we've migrated the site to a new platform. Some elements aren't working as we'd hoped - some avatars didn't survive the transition, and we're still having issues with attachments that weren't added as inline images, but ...

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The Breville Smart Grinder is a mid-range burr grinder and in my experience, the best coffee grinder for AeroPress. It uses stainless steel ceramic burrs, comes with 25 grind settings, and an intuitive on-board display that makes the whole process straightforward and easily adjustable.

Best Non Electric Coffee Grinder (frugality forum at permies)

This grinder is very well made with a well thought out design. The grinders inner spring helps keep the grind consistent evenwhen grinder for coarse brewing. The stainless steel body makes the grinder indestructible and static free. The ceramic, conical burrs are easyto clean, will last long, and will remain rust-free.

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[BODUM] BISTRO Burr Coffee Grinder - 20% off with extra 10% coupon code. classed as BEST BUDGET BURR GRINDER Currently 20% off from $129.99, which brings the price to $103.95 with free shipping. I found a extra 10% coupon code to be used at check out "your10off", brings it down to 93.55 + tax.

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The Best Coffee Gifts Under $30. One of CoffeeGeek's most detailed How Tos, the macchiato guide features not one, but two distinct ways to build this fantastic drink! The Lunar Scale from Acaia is a functional work of art, and here's why we think so at CoffeeGeek.

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coffee grinder - grinds very very fine, the problem is, it throws the keif all over the sides etc making it hard to capture. real weed grinder - grind is not as fine which i like better and has a keif catcher so you don waste it all. id say a coffee grinder works in a pinch but not for everyday use. if you need to grind an ounce at once, then ...

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Coffee grinder forums can provide a whole multitude of opinions and contexts in which these varieties of coffee grinders are typically used. From both objective and subjective opinions, coffee grinder forums can produce a complete variety of types of information regarding these coffee grinders.


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My coffee grinder died!!

The real coffee aficionados recommend a burr grinder, which is more expensive than the spinning blade one that you have. I haven't taken the plunge--I still use a blade grinder and I'm satisfied with the product it makes--but when it dies I may splurge on a burr grinder.

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Welcome to KafaTek where we make tools that help you brew delicious espresso. KafaTek grew out of passion for coffee and espresso specifically. Here you can find fine hand-made tampers, portafilter handles and last but not least our end-game single-dosing espresso grinders Monolith Conical and Monolith Flat. All made and designed in Seattle, USA.

Hand Grinders: How long does it take to grind for espresso?

rainy_coffee wrote:I don't have experience with that particular hand grinder but with the Kinu Phoenix, grinding 18g for an espresso on the Cafelat Robot takes somewhere between 30-60 seconds depending on how fast I feel like spinning the lever.I haven't timed it specifically. It's way faster than when I used to try using a Hario Skerton to do that for our old …

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Found a good solution to that problem: get small quantities (say 250g) of freshly roasted beans from a local coffee shop and ask them to use their £1k+ grinder to grind them for you. A zero cost grinder.

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1 Hi fellow forum members, appreciate some advice on which grinder to choose between the following 3: 1. Macap M42D 2. Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand Coffee Grinder 3. Niche Zero All 3 would be in the same price range for me, but will have to wait till April for NZ I have recently graduated to breville dual...

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Don't know if it's made it over to the states but the Wilfa SVART grinder is great for the price. I'd guess it would retail for around $150. mrwcase (Matthew Case) July 14, 2017, 11:38am #3. Baratza Encore for about $150 in specialty coffee bars and about $130 on Amazon. - Espresso Machine & Coffee Grinder ...

Reviews of coffee, espresso machines and grinders, how-tos, and resources for the home espresso and coffee enthusiast. Discuss barista techniques, get buying advice, and share opinions with other espresso fans.

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The type of grinder will depend on the type of coffee you take and the budget. Filtered coffee: HK$100+ – manual hand crank grinder HK$900 range - Electric Models like Solis 166 and Feima 600N Something in the middle – mostly got mixed review Where to get it – You can try the grinder and what is the cup for hand mill and Feima

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Original, restored wheel grinder manufactured by The Swift Mill, Lane Brothers, USA, made circa 1890, hand painted red, blue and gold, 12" × 13" × 19", $8,500. Courtesy of According to, there are different types of antique coffee grinders including:

How To Fix Krups Coffee Grinder? - 4 Common Problems

Krups coffee grinders have become a close friend of many families all over the world, especially the fan of coffee. With its various advantages, you can consider buying one when the afore-mentioned disadvantages do not mind you. Hopefully, the common problems of Krups coffee grinders and the corresponding quick fixes can help you effectively.

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The grinder is the single most important thing for quality coffee. The difference between burrs and blades is that blades pulverize, while burrs cut. Pulverizing coffee results a wider range of grind sizes. Large particles result in underextraction, and lack of body. Fines give tons of body, but will result in overextraction and bitter flavours.

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Hi all, does anyone know,where in vietnam i can buy a coffee grinder and coffee maker.i am bring my own dunkin donut coffee from the u.s for my visit in 6 weeks. i would prefer to grind my own coffee. thank you in advance...

The 7 Best Burr Coffee Grinders of 2022 - No BS* Guide ...

5: Df64 / G-iota. The DF64 grinder is probably the most hyped grinder of 2021. It's released by a pretty unknown Chinese company called FL Coffee, but it manages to squeeze in a lot of the things that coffee geeks care about into an affordable package. It's a multi-purpose grinder designed for single-dosing.

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My only gripes about it are the noise and the plastic bin the ground coffee falls into gets a static charge and coffee sticks to it and it can make a mess if you aren't careful pouring it out. Other than that, it's much more consistent than the blade grinder. I kept the blade grinder for spices. It rocks for that.